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A Beautiful Day for a Walk and the Spirit of a Neighbor Survivor

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Today I had an enjoyable walk!

I came across three of my neighbors. The first two were sitting on one of the park benches across from where my house.

One of the neighbors had two dogs that were entertaining all three of us by running after each other and being mindful of a few cars that passed by.

I found out some surprising news about one of my neighbors and their past health challenges. The neighbor has overcome the health challenge and this was great news.

As I continued on my walk on this sunny day where I live, I came across another neighbor that regularly walks outside. It was nice to see the neighbor.

I continued on my walk and someone close to when I was about two-thirds on my way home appeared to be talking to me. Just to make sure I was safe I just kept walking not knowing this person and not wanting to put myself into potential danger.

The rest of the walk was delightful, as I traveled through the community garden with flowers and vegetables and fruits sprouting. I also passed by the smaller garden close to the seniors citizens’ home with all of the lovely flowers representing the colors of the rainbow.

Then, of course, the construction. I was told by one of the workers in the area that the water main project will end in about two months from now and things will most likely look even better than they did before because everything is going to be cleaned up.

That was good news!

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