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A Wonderful Weekend of Cleaning and Connecting with Neighbors

I had a wonderful weekend taking walks, cleaning my home, doing some work online, plus connecting with neighbors.

Since the weather was so good many people were out and about. It was a great time to see people that were hiding from the winter cold that were out to celebrate the sunshine.

Today is another good weather day and I went out for a walk again as usual. When the weather is bad what I do is exercise on my treadmill which I purchased second-hand for just $200 CAD!!!!! It was such a deal! The man who delivered it to me who used to own it even put the power cord in a bag that said: "Good Neighbor." He lives on the beaches the last time I knew during the period of COVID in early 2020 when I purchased the treadmill from him. I bought it from Kijiji.

Enjoy your day!

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