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A Great Walk Today!

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I had an interesting day on my walk today. As I was walking there were children on recess at the nearby school. One of the children asked me to get a ball for him that was underneath a car. I got down on my knees (thank goodness that at my age my knees are fine). I took off one of the gloves that I received as a gift from my nieces that I use to keep my hands clean from carrying my keys. When I reached for the ball, it pushed it further under the car.

Another ball came flying over the fence and that one I caught like Lionel Messi! I walked across the street and tossed it over the fence. The young boy whose ball was still under the car gave me instructions:

“You have to lie flat on the ground and reach for the ball.”

I wrapped up my hair on top of head and imagined doing that while on my knees beside the car after I had just gotten out of the shower. When I stood up there was a slow driving BMW SUV exiting out onto the bigger street and passed by me.

I got onto the sidewalk and told the boy:

“I’m more than 50 years old. I’m sorry, but that is difficult for me to do.”

He looked at me as though he did not fully understand what I had said, or, he did not see how that would prevent me from getting the ball under the car.

I continued to walk focusing more on the ball I did not get rather than the ball I did get.

Another young boy asked me to get the ball.

“I can’t,” I said. “It’s under the car.”

“This one is not under the car,” he said. “It’s right there.”

I moved around the car I was beside and saw that yes, the boy was right. The ball was easy to get. I walked over to the fence and tossed it over.

“Thank you,” the boy said. “Please have a great day.”

“You’re welcome,” I said. “Please have a great day, too.”

I continued my walk!

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