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A Peaceful Canada Day

It was a peaceful Canada Day. I had a French class today and a number of adult ESL classes, plus I am in a video editing class right now. The student is making drawings that she will include on her YouTube Channel once the editing is complete for the video.

I have continued with my walking each day and yesterday I had some amazing home cleaners come and help me to organize my place. It has actually been a long time since I have focused attention on the condition of my home and there was quite a lot of work for the cleaners to do and they did an awesome job! It was clear though not beyond the state of no repair thank goodness!

There is still more work to do since I tend to work seven days a week. I missed that the grocery stores were not open today and got some McDonald's for the first time in a while to stave off the starvation I was feeling after eating infrequently today. I usually do have regular meals.

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