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My Walk Today!

Photo by Vlada Karpovich on

I had a lovely walk today! The weather was great here in this part of Canada and I saw many of my neighbors closer to my home. There were many children playing in one of the parks in the neighborhood. Their parents were close by.

As I reached closer to home I saw a woman that I see year after year who lives in the senior citizens’ home and she addressed me by name. I told her that she is doing very well because I was very impressed that she could remember my name after all of these years. She looked absolutely beautiful and has barely aged in all of this time.

I saw another neighbor who was with her dog she rescued from Turkey and the dog is doing extremely well. The dog has lost eighteen pounds based on the owner and my neighbor told me. The dog looked beautiful as well.

I could see another neighbor in the park off to the distance, but it was too far to call to her without creating a lot of noise. Everyone at the time I went out for my walk today was enjoying the great weather.

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