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The Day I Started Getting Rid of My Paper

I will always love paper. I remember being in graduate school at Concordia University in Montréal and one of my committee members whom I wanted to work with when she said this, Dr. Lorna Roth said: "I love paper."

This was decades ago, actually close to more than 20 years ago. Times have changed so, so much! This is not breaking news for me to say that. I had all of this paper in my office. Books that I have read that I still need to purge some of them (they are overflowing). Books are right throughout my home. Some of the books are my own books which I think I will try to keep. Legal papers and office supplies from recent years, including government-issued office supplies and legal papers from working as a crew leader for Statistics Canada 2021. All of this needs to go. I need to clear the space and the energy and embrace the new.

I miss my things already 😀 What some people would call junk, I still have a love of paper. I even have a typewriter that I hold on dearly to for memories of my father typing away in the basement of my family home. My mother is more modern. I have beautiful cards that my entire family and friends have given to me. Again, paper...these I will keep though. Too many awesome memories.

Well, the digital world is here to stay I think which I am constantly reminded of seven days of week from working and teaching online. I came to realize that I do not even have a reason to have a beautiful stapler anymore.

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