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Tuesday’s Walk – 29/11/22

It’s getting close to another month of walking. I have been walking for exercise since about 2010 approximately, if not closer to 2011 for sure! At first, it was REALLY HARD! I remember my first day clearly. I could not even make it to my main street without feeling absolutely exhausted. I was so dependent on my vehicle already, eating junk food on a regular basis and living an extremely sedentary life by the computer as a college professor. I actually had a situation in about 2010 that changed my life for the better. A doctor told me when I went for an annual check-up that I could have a heart attack at any given time. She told me that I must change my lifestyle!

So, I did.

I got a free dietician at the local grocery store and all I had to pay for was the food. I changed my eating habits and I started to exercise daily. I lost a lot of weight, but actually, in my own opinion, I had become too thin. Where I am now, I am happy with my current weight for someone such as myself who is middle-aged.

It’s now been about 12 years and I continue to walk each day.

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